Illinois Good Sam RV Association


Illinois Good Sam Recreational Vehicle Association
April 24, 2021 Brainstorming Meeting 
Henry, IL

2021 Samboree Theme – Our Fabulous Fifty Years.

The meeting was opened by Jim Frcka at 10:00 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer.

Attendance: 17 people were present representing Chamco Sams, Forest City Sams, Prairie State Sams, and Roamin’ Sams.

Situation – We are having the 2021 Samboree on Labor Day weekend. We need to plan as if it must be cancelled. Jim & Judie had a positive meeting with Marcus. He will provide some money for door prizes and insurance (cannot issue unless the State of Illinois is open). We can purchase insurance if needed. The State is one step away from being open.  

Treasurer Report – Bob Myers sent a written report. Judie read it. There is $8844,77 available for the Samboree less $240.00 for trailer plates. This total is for both checking & savings as of April 17, 2021. The basic cost for 3 nights of camping plus building rental and electricity is estimated at $68.50 per rig per Bob. We do not know the cost of electricity until after the Samboree is over. This does not include food, entertainment, insurance $600.00), or any other costs. We need to consider if we want golf carts ($900.00), badges ($275.00) and any other expenses that need to be covered. To be able to come close to breaking even we would need at least 50 rigs.

We were “on hold” for the last year. Chapters can now officially have meetings and campouts. Marcus cares about Good Sam. He is NOT trying to get rid of Chapters.
We probably need only 1 or 2 golf carts instead of 6.

Things to think about – We need people to come a few days early to clean and setup for the Samboree. We will use the Hunt Building for entertainment and most activities. Games will be held indoors in the Commercial Building. The Activity Building will continue to host Hospitality.  

Hospitality - Wayne Wolf was the “King” of Hospitality for many years. Since we do not have a Hospitality Chair a suggestion was made for each Chapter or individuals to sign up to “host” for 2 hours at a time during the Samboree. You do not need to sit at the table all your time but do need to check occasionally to make sure it is neat and there is enough cookies/bars and fruit out. Sign-up is voluntary. This would include time each day. Hospitality would be open from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. each day (closed during entertainment). We need an “early riser” to start the coffee, lemonade, and hot water each day. We also need volunteers to clean-up each night. Each rig should provide 2 dozen cookie/bars. Each Chapter should donate fresh fruit. Jim noted that we do Hospitality very well.

Food -- Becky McKillip will be the Nutritionist. She will coordinate what food we will have for the meals and order the food. Help will be needed to cook and serve. Prairie State volunteered to help Becky. We will have one lunch and one supper/dinner. There will not be a catered meal. A baked potato bar was suggested for one meal. State would provide the potato and some toppings (butter, sour cream, cheese) and others could bring potluck toppings they like. Becky estimated a cost of about $200.00 per meal for 100+ people. We will check prices for food at Sam’s Club, Costco, Aldi and GFS. We will have popcorn each night (will be served during the movie), root beer floats ($2.00), and an ice cream social with a cake for our 50th anniversary. We might be able to move the popcorn maker to the Hunt Building. Someone is donating the popcorn.

Entertainment – We will show a family friendly movie one night, have game night, and at least one night of paid entertainment. Entertainment ideas were the local high school choral group, Jerry & Marie Schiera’s son. Money is a factor here. 

Set-up – Come in on Monday, August 30 to help setup. We will need a couple of pick-ups for transporting things. Leaf blowers to help clean the buildings. The tables & chairs need to be brought from the barn up to the buildings and returned at the end. Bob V. will get the two trailers from storage. We will need to wipe down all the tables and chairs. The sound system should be in one of the trailers. We will need to tear everything down on the Monday of Labor Day. We will start at 9:00 and should be done by noon. 

Registration – We had a long conversation about what to charge for the Samboree. Cost will be $90.00 for 4 days/3 nights, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Early bird will be $20.00/night. An Easy-up will be set up for people to check-in as we usually do. We need people to work here and to show people to their spot. We can highlight area activities like the Charles Perdew Museum in Henry. Registration forms can be taken to Camping World stores and other places (including our Chapters) to encourage participation.

Door Prizes & Blue Light Special – Each Chapter should provide at least 2 door prizes and 1 Blue Light Special. The items should be new and worth at least $10.00 each.

Miscellaneous – As in the past couple of years there will not be security provided by us. The City and Sherriff departments do a great job of driving thru the fairgrounds. We will be collecting new or very gently used stuffed animals to donate to the local police. Food for the Food Pantry well also be collected. Jigsaw puzzles will be available to put together in Hospitality. The fairgrounds have added more water hook-ups. We would like to get keychains for a give-away. Perhaps a bar with the GS logo. Jeanette will investigate the cost.  

Website – The platform our State website is on is upgrading their software. It will cost us $500.00 for them to move some of our pages to the new website. We currently pay $169.00/year for the website. National Good Sam is developing a website template we will eventually be able to use but right now we need to do something to keep our website. It was agreed that Ed Gawronski, our webmaster, will do the upgrade with some compensation to him. Send suggestions to Ed ( for what you would like to see on the website. Website is --

Fair Board Contract – Jim signed a new 2-year contract. The Fair Board works very well with us. 

A State meeting will be held in October 2021 to discuss the plan for future of our organization.

A supper was held at 5:00.

Respectfully submitted,

Jeanette Gawronski, Secretary